Witches Take Them In

by Quarrels

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Produced and Engineered by Brandon Hafetz and Cory Best

Mixed by Matt Lombardi

Quarrels is:
Cory Best - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Drums (Tracks 3, 4, and 5)
Ryan Bernardo - Lead Guitar, Drums (Tracks 1 and 2)
Max Monahan - Bass

Brandon Hafetz - Background Vocals (Tracks 2 and 3)
Daniel Futcher - Mandolin (Track 3)

Artwork by Paloma Magana.

Special Thanks to Ryan Halberg, Dylan Sylvester, Mateo Garcia, Luke Niccoli, Eric Palmer, Grayson Kirtland, Angelo Gambatesa, Joe Ulmer, and Mark Eckert.

℗ 2014 Fitz Ross Productions


released April 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Quarrels Boston, Massachusetts

Boston-based indie/post-hardcore

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Track Name: Cupped Hands
You say it all the time
You think your dying but you’re fine
Your blood is as red as wine

But don’t apologize
Cause darling I forgot your name
And I forgot your face

You say your cursed but I went back to where you were born
The seasons there are changeless and the men live on the shores
You’ll find another man to fill you up to the brim
And I’ll drink water from cupped hands and start living, silent

Darkness finds a way of creeping into every crack and crevice of an anxious mind
But you need not be afraid of the unknown
When the simplest of imaginings can turn your mind to evil things

If you ever decide to walk alone again on my side of town
I won’t let you share my bed
Track Name: Morning Sickness
Wake up in the sick of the morning
Struggle with your belt again
Don’t know where the hell you’ve been
You’re turning into all the things you hate
You yearn
And then you satiate
Fog rolls in from under your door
And dampens your face

Tell me how you got here
Where’s your home

These streets are paved with their dirty faces
The walls change shape and the oaks stand naked
You lie awake and wait for me to come back home

I don’t know what the problem is
I feel uncomfortable in my own skin
My thoughts fly wild like wounded birds
All I smell is piss and dirt

I would climb into the sun
Just to feel something real again
Men here walk with weight on their backs
Witches take them in
Track Name: Best Intentions
You’ll paint yourself with clay
And be red with regret
Men will hunt you like an animal
But all the girls will think you’re special

I’ve got time like you’ve got lies
I’ll wait here for a lifetime

I won’t hesitate to call your name out
To spit it into the wind
I dream about the love we’ll make
The blows I’ll take once this downward spiral ends

I’ve got a master plan
I’ve got the best intentions
Track Name: Scenes From A Jagged Sea
Yesterday I took the life of a rich man’s daughter
He and his wife shed tears as they watched me set her out on the water
Now she follows me
Like a shadow from a nightmarish dream
But I can’t bring myself to mind her company

Like a lion you roar out in ecstasy for the men you love
I’m still trying to bury those memories

The way that the gulls were crying out
I was sure they’d kill themselves
As the waves of the ocean wrapped her body
And reveled in their newfound wealth

I can feel you calling for me and someday I’ll find you
And all the people who tell me you’re a bitch
Can’t keep me from getting to you
Track Name: Bella Strega
In the low light of the morning
I have a waking dream

I don’t know what it means

Your hands don’t feel the same
Your hair is way too long
But I’ve seen you in the drugstore
And you’re not the witch of my dreams

Love is never quite what it seems

But I swear there’s a look in your eye
You know

I can feel the house we’re in
Its sighs are as audible as sirens
You treat me like an older man
You drink the driest wine